Friday, October 21, 2005

Jack Nicholson and Post/aesthetic Poe(tics)

Forget the post-avant and quietude thing, poets, well male poets, really want to be Jack Nicholson…

Current poet laureate, Ted “I wanted to be James Wright” Kooser, sensing the decline in poetry’s popularity has decided the solution is to channel Nicholson’s voice at readings (scroll down to the various audio links).

Poet/blogger Jim Behrle not wanting to be out done by quietude has once again pimped Kooser by living the rest of his life as Jack Torrance (but with less hair).

Nicholson, acknowledging his influence on the literary arts, has released an inspiring new film.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

I found "The List" quite listless. The barn owl barney, etc ... OK. Kooser has homegrown charm -- he is to Collins what checkers is to chess, beer to wine, at least they're both spirits -- but does charm feed a hungry soul?

But I imagine he would say, with some justification, what's with these hungry souls anyway? Like whaddotheywant?

He has some vocal characteristics of Nicholson, but he's much less unsettling.

In fact I'd say -- from what I heard -- he's very settled. Too settled for me.

He has fun. I suppose Keats did too... good for him. Am I making sense?


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