Monday, October 10, 2005

In Memory of Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk (Born Oct. 10, 1917)

Thelonious: sonorous, melodic, familiar, yet slightly askew – a clock that never hangs straight, one bell chiming on key.

Sphere: Celestial, out of center, eccentric: a mechanical device consisting of a disk through which a shaft is keyed and a circular strap which works freely round the rim for communicating its motion to one end of a rod whose other end is constrained to move in a straight line so as to produce reciprocating motion – hands communicating motion, rhythm—stopped time recorded

Monk: solitary, spiritual, a clockwork prayer

“Monk delights the brain, but…also animates the heart.” – Gary Giddins

Trinkle Tinkle, Well, You Needn’t, 'Round Midnight, Ruby My Dear

Out in the Open


Sun burning. The plane comes in low
throwing a shadow shaped like a giant cross that rushes over the ground.
A man is sitting in the field poking at something.
The shadow arrives.
For a fraction of a second he is right in the center of the cross.

I have seen the cross hanging in the cool church vaults.
At times it resembles a split-second snapshot of something
moving at tremendous speed.

– Thomas Transtromer, trans. Robert Bly

Criss-Cross – dancing the fingers into the night, we will know no better than angled abstractions of the heart, harmony off kilter bringing a strange light…


At 10:06 AM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Excellent post, an ingenious criss-crossing in itself.
Thanx, David!

At 10:40 AM, Blogger David Leftwich said...

Thanks, Brian...Glad to see it was working. I was just trying something a little different (I do like the easy addition of
images) know "pushing the limits" of the blog - to sound pretentious. But the blog does present an opportunity to mix images, words, links, etc. -- nothing new in that but just fun to try a different way of conveying ideas/emotions using the tools provided by blogger. A “Blogage” – if you will permit some bad word play. Ok, “blogage” – might sound to much like “blockage”. “Blollage” might work if pronounced with a French or Italian accent. Maybe “web collage,” “blog collage,” “gollage” (in the spirit of "web log" become "blog", but that sounds too much like gulag). Maybe “blage,” or is that too blasé. Oh well, maybe the real problem is “blog” itself. I never thought that was a very good word to begin with. It sounds too much like “clog”. It’s too guttural and blunt, and doesn't capture the fluid nature of blogging. Any suggestions?

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

You've made words like whimsy and weave and whimsical whisper in my head -- I guess a la contraire de bloggy clog gog. Himm. I'm thinking on the spot here: Web whimsy? Web woofin'? (As in warp & woof... but woof woof woof!) Websicle? Surfage? Screenage? (With French accent, of course)No none of these quite work. Too wimpy or otherwise wooley.

Something out of collage seems right , but collage does come from colle (Fr. for glue) plus -age, and we've gone quite far beyond glue here. So your instincts are right in finding another root...

Oh well, must go now. Thanks for the "brain tease". Maybe something will come to me...

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Here's one that came to me in the intervening hours... blogollage.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger David Leftwich said...

Blogollage is good, plus it sounds like baklava -- good thing. Also, liked websicle, but like you said too wimpy – notice a food’s pre-breakfast.

I was starting to lean toward montage (from the French monter, to mount which seemed similar to posting on a blog) or a derivative—webtage, montblog (to much like Montblanc? Or is sounding like an expensive pen a good thing?). Webbed montage, dongtage, bontage, blogtage, eMontage, e-tags, webtags, itags, eyetags...

Or maybe assemblages? Essemblage? Samplings? Mobiles (which could become blogbile, hmm not a pretty sounding word, but could be used to describe something blog related)?Installations? Webstallations? Blogallations? Maybe I’m putting the horse (stall, get it) before the cart – does one criss-crossing mutli-media post need a whole new name? Oh, heck, it’s the internet, this is one of 18 million blogs, and word games, for some of us at least, are fun. So anymore suggestions?


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