Friday, September 23, 2005

Live From Houston: Friday Night

Just had a big gust of wind, but otherwise the wind is not much stronger than late this afternoon – the wind you’d expect as a summer thunderstorm approached. There’s been just enough rain to wet the streets. And I expect there will be more rain and wind, but it looks like, if you dare say it, that we lucked out—this time. I don’t think I’m even going to fill the bathtub.

But I’m already thinking about how to be better prepared for next time. I’ve got plenty of food, water, and other emergency supplies stocked up, but I think I will get more batteries, more duct tape, maybe a hand-crank radio, and have pre-cut and labeled plywood stored in the garage, since I wasn’t able to get any plywood for this storm.

Any suggestions for getting tape off windows? (I hope I’m not being premature.)

The sad, strange thing is our “dodged bullet” is someone else’s “killer storm.” Port Arthur, Beaumont, Cameron, Lake Charles and other communities along the Texas-Louisiana are in for a very nasty night. Human lives will be affected so we are all, in some way, affected.

Once dry, these wildflowers bend and, there
where the wind is sweeping, fall.

– Tu Fu


At 9:05 PM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Seems my prayers worked (ha ha). So far, so good.


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