Friday, September 23, 2005

Live from Houston: Friday Evening

I just returned from my evening dog outing—several of us in the neighborhood get together everyday after work and let our dogs run around and play. All of us stayed, so our dogs were able to get some exercise before being cooped up for a day or so.

We were all a little more optimistic about the situation, since the storm keeps tracking to the northeast and away from Houston. Everyone is still preparing for a long night, but maybe feeling a little relieved. However, I know things could still change.

The wind just picked up and a little rain is falling. But the cloud cover to the west has thinned and there is a pale yellow, blue-gray sunset.

I yearn to travel…

And all during this blustery evening,
from mountain after mountain, yellow leaves are blown.

– Wang Po


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

I love your poetry quotes. Shows the usefulness of poetry in moments of crisis, and bolsters my faith in the in the relevance of this art we all love. I've posted about you just now on my blog -- belatedly, as I had to be out all day and evening. All power to you, et tout la chance.


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