Saturday, September 24, 2005

Live From Houston: Early Saturday Morning

Hurricane Rita officially made landfall at 2:38 am near Sabine Pass, TX about 100 miles east of Houston (one should say the eye of Hurricane Rita, because people have been feeling the effects for hours). So we have officially been spared the brunt of this storm.

We have had fairly heavy winds all night long but not a lot of rain, and we, obviously, still have electricity. Not all Houstonians are so lucky. It’s being reported that about 450,000 homes in the Houston-area are without power, and that areas closer to the coast have experienced heavier winds, rain, and more damage. Thankfully, for now, we only have hundreds of green leaves scattered across our deck.


I watch the limitless distance of autumn,

the far-off dark rising up in layers

where icy waters merge with the frozen sky
and the city is blurred with mist.

Last leaves are torn into flight by winds,

and sunless, distant peaks fade fast.

A lone crane flops home at dusk.
The trees are full of crows.

– Tu Fu


At 6:37 AM, Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Whew! (Sighs of relief.)


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