Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Poetry Offers A Little Solace To Tsunami Victim

[India News]: Port Blair, Jan 4 : When Sadhan Neogi feels too depressed about the killer tsunami smashing through his beloved Andaman and Nicobar islands, he turns to verse.

"I was on the beach/Dreaming of my castles/When the sands shifted/The waves rose/Hideous/Crashing on the vessels," Neogi read his Bengali poetry to IANS. "

It is only when I write that I can come to terms with what happened," said Neogi, who works as a part-time mechanic and handyman.

Three of Neogi's dearest friends were killed when tidal waves rose across the shores of the archipelago made up of 572 islands, islets and rocks. "They had gone boating," said Neogi, who speaks little and writes a lot these days. "They never returned." [More]


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