Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Zakaria's Hope

Fareed Zakaria has just published his yearly assessment of the state of reform in the Muslim world, and he finds a few hopeful signs that things are starting to improve:

There are glimmers of reform, even in the Arab world, the place that remains the locus of the problem. Governments are talking about changing their economic and even political systems. Some are doing more than talking. Jordan has begun serious economic reforms. Egypt, which remains the most tragic case of lost potential in the Arab world, could be rousing from its slumber. An energetic new prime minister has appointed a team with strong reformist credentials, including businessmen in the cabinet (a first in Egypt). The reforms they have proposed are bold and far-reaching. Markets are taking note: Egyptian stocks are up 100 percent this year.

Plus there has been a successful election in Afghanistan, and elections coming in Iraq and Palestine. Maybe, just maybe, all this talk of democracy and reform will amount to something. It’s too early to tell, but as Freedom House and Zakaria indicate there is reason for hope.


At 11:50 PM, Blogger gaw3 said...

From anyone but Zakaria, I'd be thinking I was being sold a bridge in Brooklyn. I'll go take a look.


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