Friday, December 03, 2004

PoetryLink, Dec. 3, Joshua Corey & Jim Leftwich

Fractured elegance: Dissolved Soviet, Joshua Corey – “belly to belly, backs turned/to the salient details of dictators” Also check out Corey’s Blog.


Not sure of the title of this piece by Jim Leftwich (no relation), but an interesting visual work.

Act Four Hundred Thirty Five, John Crouse & Jim Leftwich -- plastic of merit: "burgundy predominant bridgework."

Crouse & Leftwich’s collaborative experiment, and other avant-garde poetry in this style, has a certain appeal in short doses. I am intrigued by the strange juxtaposition of words, images, and sounds, but I find there is little to sustain the reader for a long period. Poetry like this does force you to break out of your habitual concepts of syntax and possibly discover a new way of saying the “unsayable.” However, it can easily lapse into self indulgence (a danger with any school of poetry), and often becomes little more than verbal tricks and tics. Maybe I am asking too much from poetry, but I like to delight in both the uniqueness of the language and the revelation of some human spark, some enterprise beyond simple annunciation for its own sake.

Thanks to Ron Silliman for introducing me to Leftwich’s work.


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