Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Iran Watch, Dec. 22

  • Iran breaks spirit of its agreement with EU-3, and will continue to produce uranium-based materials until end of February.
  • If all of this is legit, an extremely bleak picture of Iran: children trafficked for sex and labor, homeless children in the streets, high drug use. UNICEF does back some of the claims in the article.
  • Worth repeating. Iran to execute two women on morality charges.
  • U.N. approves a US-backed resolution condemning Iran’s human rights violations. The kicker:

    "The measure, which is not legally binding but reflects global opinion, was approved 71-54 with 55 abstentions."

    So more than half the world’s countries either actively opposed the resolution (which will probably have the impact of throwing a spitball at a Mac truck), or didn’t care enough to vote.
  • Association of American Publishers promotes translation and publication of Iranian novels.
  • Iran cuts off natural gas to Turkey. Note Russia imports 12 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Iran.
  • Iranian officials fight over use of $8 billion in oil revenue surplus. With surpluses like this would sanctions work? Will it be used to influence elections in Iraq and support terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere?
  • Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei accuses US and Israel of planning recent terrorist attacks Najaf and Karbala. A sign of hope – he’s cracking up?


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