Thursday, December 02, 2004

Iran Watch, Dec. 2

US Treasury rules thwarting Iranian democracy advocates. Nobel Peace Prize-winner, Shirin Ebadi, as well as other Iranian dissidents are currently unable to publish their work because of US Treasury regulations designed to limit trade with such rouge countries as Iran, a good thing in my opinion. But we shouldn’t be limiting information from the very people we should be supporting—Iranian democracy, and with Iran trying to develop nukes and supporting terrorists, our security depend on a free flow of information.


Iran deals another blow to weapons inspections:

"Diplomats and weapons experts said the IAEA inspection process had been dealt a severe blow this week when France, Britain and Germany gave in to Iranian demands that a clause demanding Iran grant the IAEA "unrestricted access" to sites in Iran be removed from a draft resolution."


Iran "making missiles that could hit Europe" I hope EU negotiators are reading this.


Clifford D. May in discussing democracy in Iran and the Middle East in general says:

But maybe freedom is more than most Iraqis, Iranians and other peoples of the Middle East can handle. While we can't rule that out, Sharansky reminds us that not so long ago the same arguments were being made about the inability of Germans, Japanese and other nationalities to develop societies based on anything more complex than the crack of the whip.

And there is a growing list of Arab and Muslim dissidents --- advocates for freedom, democracy and human rights who are as brave as were Sharansky, Andrei Sakharov, Vaclav Havel and similar East European dissidents in their day. Men like Terek Heggey, Farid Ghadry, Akbar Ahmed and Omar Karsouo – to name just a few.

Let’s not abandon these brave dissidents.


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