Saturday, December 18, 2004

Iran Watch, Dec. 19

  • Last week’s Economist (a little late on this one, but the info is still very relevant) has a good piece detailing the bleak situation in Iran: suppression of the reform movement, growing unemployment, rising inflation. However, there evaluation of options is pessimistic, and they basically argue for the status quo. I think that might be the worst option of all. A depressing fact for the Iranian people, yet possibly a hopeful sign:

    Only half of Iranians bothered to vote in February's election; not much more than a quarter of those in Tehran, which embraces at least 8m people, turned out. Western diplomats reckon that barely 15% of Iranians still support the ruling order. The low turnout reflected not just apathy and fatalism, which are indeed strong. Many sour and embittered Iranians consciously decided not to go to the polls as a gesture of protest.

With apparently a large majority of Iranian unhappy with the current regime, maybe there is a chance change can be fostered from within.


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