Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Iran Watch, Dec. 16

  • Iranian reformer, Mohsen Kadivar, speaks out:
    "Without respecting individuality and freedom of choice, human dignity cannot be respected."
  • Good news for dissident voices. Treasury eases ban on publications from Iran, Cuba, and Sudan.
  • Iraq defense minister accuses Iran of supporting terrorists.
  • TNR reports Neocons split on Iran—pessimism unbound.
  • Iran conducts war games. Scariest quote of the day:
    "Simultaneously, some 25,000 volunteers have so far signed up at newly established draft centers for "suicide attacks" against any potential intruders in what is commonly termed 'asymmetrical warfare'".
  • Iran tries to play two of its biggest trade partners, Russia & the EU. Security council anyone?


At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should know that w/r/t your Ebadi link here, Juan Cole's site made a gaffe yesterday by publishing a guest editorial that did not take into account the more recent Treasury Dept. decision you note in this post. Congrats on scooping Cole; I put up a post about this, "Juan Cole Goofs!" at Chronicles:

The development, I believe, was also on NPR's The World yesterday.

-Dr. Emile.


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