Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Call To Arms

You see Mom, there are things that one must do in this life that are a little more than just living. In Spain there are thousands of mothers like yourself who never had a fair shake in life. They got together and elected a government that really gave meaning to their life. But a bunch of bullies decided to crush this wonderful thing. That's why I went to Spain, Mom, to help these poor people win this battle, then one day it would be easier for you and the mothers of the future.

--Billy Bailey of the Lincoln Brigade commenting on why he was fighting in the Spanish Civil War

This is when the left still knew how to fight and what to fight for. In the news just this week, Iran jailed 5 bloggers, continuing their campaign to quash democracy and freedom of speech; the Saudi’s in limited election for municipal offices (the first ever) are denying women the right to vote but allowing male prisoners to vote, and strict divorce rules and high spouse abuse rates are oppressing Egyptian women. These human rights abuses go on everyday in the Middle East. Yet, my fellow travelers on the left seem more interested in sipping lattes and complaining that Bush is about to establish a theocratic fascist regime. We need to get real. We can vote. We can speak out. We can protest in the streets. We can raise money. We can pretty much do anything we want in this country short of harming others. So we need to stop complaining and start acting. We did it for blacks in South Africa. We did it for oppressed people in Latin America. Now let’s do it for the people of the Middle East. There is plenty to disagree with Bush on, but trying to spread freedom to the Middle East is not one of them. Forget about WMD’s. Forget about oil and Halliburton. And remember the millions of people in the Middle East who can’t vote in free and fair elections, who are beat by there husbands, who are jailed for speaking out. These are causes that should galvanize the left, and if fighting for freedom means allying with the neocons so be it. Join the fight. Our brothers did in Spain in 1936. They realized freedom, freedom for all people, is worth fighting for, and occasionally dying for.

So here’s a challenge:

  • George Soros, and all you other liberal fund raisers now turn your skills to raising money to help Iranian dissidents fight for democracy and to help Iraqis establish political parties and other democratic institutions we hold so dear.
  • Michael Moore make a movie that highlights the plight of truly oppressed people, make a move about the five jailed Iranian bloggers and other dissidents in Iran.
  • NOW and other women’s rights group start highlighting the plight of women in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Make it a major issue, make an end run around the neocons, take the moral high ground and force the Bush administration to make women's right part of their comprehensive approach to fighting terrorism and establishing democracy in the Middle East.
  • Anti-nuke groups, democracy advocates, human rights groups, and peaceniks start highlighting the plight of the Iranian people, march on Washington to force the Bushies to do something now about supporting Iranian democracy--that is the only way to really stop nuclear proliferation in Iran short of military action and to ensure the Iranian people enjoy the freedoms we hold dear. The real theocrats are trying to arm themselves with nukes that will be aimed at the West.

Liberals and lefties if we really believe in freedom, freedom for all people not just ourselves, it’s time to stop complaining and start fighting for it.


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