Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Moral Sanity: Victor Davis Hanson does it again...

Victor Davis Hanson is one of our best military historians and columnists (published regularly in National Review and the San Francisco Chronicle). If you want to get a fresh perspective on the War in Iraq -- one that shuns the whining usually found in the press -- then I would suggest reading his columns (as well as his books). With clear-headed wisdom and clean prose, Hanson uses his vast knowledge of history to put our current conflict into context. His latest column skewers three current myths about the Iraq War that have morphed into conventional wisdom. Here is a choice quote referring to the over-used Pottery Barn Rule:

In truth, it was the wrong metaphor even before becoming hackneyed. The Pottery Barn image doesn't work for a variety of reasons. First, Saddam's Iraq was not a pristine, upscale shop. It was, rather, a trash heap of broken shards — its power, water, sewage, and garbage all fractured and scattered in pieces; its people both brutalized and often brutalizers as a result of three decades of institutionalized mass murder; its leadership a choice between Soviet-era killers and Dark Age jihadists.


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