Friday, November 26, 2004

Moderate Muslims

The Bush administration needs to do a better job of reaching out to moderate Muslims throughout the world. If we are truly interested in establishing a democracy in Iraq and other countries in the Arab world and reducing the threat of terrorism, we need establish relationships with moderate Muslims and support their efforts. In addition, it might help if our media focused a little more on these groups. I just read an interesting story from an African news source about attempts to reign in illegimate imans and their irrational, and often deadly, fatwas that got little coverage here. Here is a key quote:

''Islam has taken the face of an aggressive personality. We are to blame for all this because there are certain groups that have an extreme attitude towards Islam andthose at the other end who are extremely liberal,'' said Dr. Abdulmonim Bellah, a renowned Islamic scholar. ''The moderate Muslims, who are in the mainstream, are not being heard. All this is because Muslims are not following Islam's original principles.''

We need to be doing what we can to make sure that these moderate Muslims are heard.


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